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"Target Practice" "Target Practice"

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You would think the Grand Theft Auto games would prevent this, Guess Rockstar needs to make Grand Theft Auto: Middle School Havok

Concrete Jungle :Trailer: Concrete Jungle :Trailer:

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Omg.. you know what you have done?

You have stole the name of my movies. Burn.

&amp;lt;3 Valentines Day Card &amp;lt;3 <3 Valentines Day Card <3

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Just one question

When the mouse soldier killed the dragon, how come he didn't die from the explosion? No more breadsticks in my pants :(

EC_Breaking The Habit EC_Breaking The Habit

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To Dragon-Revenge:

Your an idiot, this is NOT the best flash ever made.

To the Creator:
It's alright, but the FBF lip-sync (or whatever you did) is a little bit off. But it's alright. Anyway, the movie is alright, but the multi colored eyes kind of ruined it...

The Epic Kiss: 0_o The Epic Kiss: 0_o

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""Chubaka <3 everyone who took part in this flash. Chubaka <3 Piconjo, Homo Flash Bros, and Funjob. liek thx for includeign me! Chubaka <3 j00"

Chubaka also <3 PiconjoTehThird and everyone on teh Piconjho forumz!"

Chubaka also, <3 himself. But he <3 Piconjo and Homo Flash bros more. lolz bie! I think 3 reviewz ina row is enuferz!

The-Homo-Flash-Bros responds:

Thanks Chew, we thought bwe would owe you one for being nice than most people. So we thought, hell let's add chewbaka. We know it isn't much but hey it's something :)


The Homo Flash Bros

Fascist America Fascist America

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If you think America's bad

Go live in vietnam or something, dike.

Canuck Clocks Special! Canuck Clocks Special!

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If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

Blame canada. Kill canadians. Eat shit and die. OGMZ! Lvl 999 9Maple doom! roff3l ohoaohga! Sup3r penz0r attaxor! OMG I put teh wire in teh phone and boom!~~~`

also, j00 stole my song, j00 fuxin ninjer! >: |

Liberation? Liberation?

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You fuck with america, you fuck with our bullets..

I hate all the liberals on this site! No one gets a free hand out, no one gets a good time, life isn't fair. The USA dosen't just go and kill people, we kill for reason. The Iraqi people complain how we slaughter the innocents, while they don't look at how they slaughtered innocents in 9/11. Alot of different types of people died in 9/11, and why? Because their american? Because they work at a nice tall building? Thats a good reason to die? It's not like we're hurtiling grenades into groups of Iraqi's... People think that this war is so bad, and that life is so tough! Well, just wait till the apacolypse... as it says in the bible about when the world ends "In some places, blood will be up to a horses bridal." As I can see in those pictures, the blood is a millimeter high...

Wildolph's Confession 1 Wildolph's Confession 1

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Sence we are all confessing....

I also have a confession to make... I voted 5. <3

CodeRedClock responds:

i confess that j00 pwn


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Not only did I obtain an erection, I also voted 6.